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The artwork so far.

In previous posts I have discussed the following issues:

These posts have visited issues that affect the Mapuche people and how I will be making an object or a series of object to represent the poem written by Elicura Chihuailaf, entitled ‘En este suelo habitan las estrellas’.

I will be trying to answer some of the question listed below , to show that the Mapuches are disadvantage in more ways than one in Chilean society.

  • Is Chile or Chilean society ashamed of the Mapuches?  Or are they ashamed to be known as Mapuches?
  • Does Chile or Do some people in Chilean society, see the Mapuches as inferior?
  • Would people in Chilean society rather be associated with other cultures such the German, Italians, Yugoslavians?
  • Do people look for their roots in European cultures as a way of saying that they are ‘white’?

The way in which I will be representing this negative attitude by Chilean society will be by covering the stars with a mask.


Image A

The mask will be made from pieces of wool taken from an old brown woolen vest that I bought in Chiloe, in the south of Chile.  The colours and the appearance of the wool are often associated with ‘being indigenous’ in Chilean society.

As you can see in Image A, the bottom tips of the stars are just showing below the mask.  I want the stars to be seen.  I want the viewer to be able to recognise that the stars are hidden under the woolen mask.  Thus giving the viewer a hint, a sign, to enable them to read the artwork like I want it to be read.


Image B: Lana Chilota

I will only be adding maybe 5 covered stars because I would like to believe that the number of racist people in Chile are only a hand full.